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Flexible Membership

Affordable membership for the modern lifestyle

Flexible Membership for the Modern Golfer

Flexible Membership is designed to suit the modern lifestyles of those whose working and family life leaves them with little time to play golf and who cannot justify the full subscription. It is also an ideal membership for those trying golf for the first time and do not wish to commit to the expense of a full cost subscription.

Flexible membership will give golfers the full range of facilities and experiences available only to members of Haywards Heath. It is a membership for those who want to be fully involved with their Golf Club, friendly games at the weekend, competition golf*, or a relaxing 9 holes at the end of the day followed by a drink with like-minded people. No longer need they be outcasts paying the odd green fee. They can come to Haywards Heath as members with the privileges of official handicaps, access to and the support of their Club, and a social life.

A Flexible member receives a swipe card containing their golf credits. The card will be topped up with 365 credits when they make their first annual payment of £390. Each time they play a number of credits are deducted according to the time of day and day of the week (see chart below). Members running low on credits can top-up a maximum of twice at £100 each time for a total of 200 extra credits and keep on playing.

The number of rounds that can be played with Flexible membership depends on when they are played. For example, the 365 credits gives 12 rounds of golf when playing at peak times during the weekend. Playing on midweek afternoons results in the opportunity to play nearly 18 rounds.  Topping up gives even more golf with a maximum of 18 rounds of weekend morning golf or 28 rounds of weekday afternoon golf.

The membership card must be swiped in the Pro Shop or Bar every time a round is played. The Club’s software keeps a real-time record of the credits used. Unused credits remain valid for a further year only when membership is renewed.

The membership card can also be loaded separately with cash to pay for food and drink in the Clubhouse. Members are then entitled to a 10% discount on drink and food from the menu.

Flexible members may not enter Trophy or Cup Competitions or any Honours Board event. Flexible Members may enter all medals and stableford competitions.

Flexible Golf Credit Rates - 2017
Weekends and Bank Holidays

18 holes9 holes

18 holes9 holes
Afternoon - 12:002513
Afternoon - 12:002010
Twilight - 16:001510
Twilight - 16:00105

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